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Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Links Added

I blogged a while ago about Molly Scott Cato's new book. Molly is now blogging and I have added a link to her blog, Gaian Economics, in the sidebar.

I visited the Thinking Mountain blog after Derek Wall posted a link. It is good to see more ecosocialists joining the blogosphere. Thinking Mountain also joins my blogroll.

Thinking Mountain had an interesting article on the new campaign for solidarity with workers and left organisations in Iran and opposition to the US-led war drive. He links to the interesting website of Workers Left Unity -Iran which has also joined my blogroll. The Iranian militants have been meeting with an eclectic selection of left groups from various currents across Europe. It looks like the major group in Britain that have been linking up with these representatives of the Iranian Left are the CPGB, in 'Third Campist' mode - good on the CPGB in this instance, but it looks like this is a worthwhile initiative that might benefit from the attention of a broader and more representative sample of the 'Third Campist' left than the CPGB who, despite their name, are a tiny group sometimes prone to sectarian outbursts.

On the subject of Third Campism and Socialist-Feminist responses to the situation in the Middle East and elsewhere I found the following article on the blog Hammer and Broom of Mahmood Ketabchi controversial, but stimulating - False Front - The Left and The Anti-Imperialist Right. I first found the article on the interesting US socialist Renegade Eye blog.

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At 9:56 pm, Blogger Renegade Eye said...

If you check out my links, you'll find similar Iranian links. In addition Maryam Namazie an Iranian feminist and communist writes for my blog. Thank you for plugging my blog.

I added you to my blogroll.

At 7:15 pm, Blogger greenman said...

Thanks for the information and for adding me to your blogroll, I have added a link to your site to my blogroll also.


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