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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Around the blogs on Sunday

Various interesting recent posts have come to my attention today.

Over at International Rooksbyism Ed reflects on the prospects for the US economy.

Meanwhile Student Medic, at Life is complicated, but beautifully simple offers further reflections on AIDS and in particular antiretrovirals.

Elsewhere, Jim at the Daily (Maybe) is inspired by a post on Dave Osler's recently cyber-relocated Blog to give his reflections on Punk.

In a more international vein, Louise over at Stroppyblog has been posting on today's election in Venezuela. She includes a link to the interesting Hands Off Venezuela Delegation blog

Natalie at top-ten-listed UK green blogsite Philobiblon reports on the vicissitudes of by-election campaigning in Kentish town. Go for it Sian!

Stuart Jeffrey at Green The Health Service has been looking at a lengthy document from the House of Commons Health Select Committee which reveals some of the mounting costs of the not-so-stealth privatisation of healthcare in the UK.

Many stories from these and other bloggers are set to run and develop over the next days, weeks and months.



At 9:24 pm, Blogger Jim Jay said...

Thanks for the mention - i thought the punk thing would be much more controversial than its turned out to be


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