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Monday, November 27, 2006

On Books, Links and Reading Lists

The Green Party of England and Wales Economics Spokesperson Molly Scott-Cato has recently produced what sounds like a very interesting book - Market, Schmarket - Building The Post-Capitalist Economy. The book is published by New Clarion Press - read their advert for it here.

Caroline Lucas, Green MEP, has said that "For those who want to see through the deception of the money system and have dreams of a more just society there can be no better starting place". In his review in the latest Green World, Bob Young says it is a "gripping and highly entertaining introduction to some of the key concepts of classical economics". Any book that can make economics "gripping and entertaining" certainly has my support!

New Clarion are publishers of another book of essays including one by Caroline Lucas and Colin Hines, one by Molly Scott-Cato and another by new Green Party Male Principal Speaker Derek Wall.

Here at G.O.O. I try to do my own little bit for greater understanding of green and left theory and history with the Documents section in my Links column. (Further suggestions for links to online texts, essays and programmes of note are very welcome!)

An informal Green Reading List for members of the Green Party of England and Wales is being put together over at the Green Reading List Blog. Contributions and suggestions from sympathetic bibliophiles are welcome there too.

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At 6:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi - as one Greenman to another - thanks for your post about Market Schmarket - and don't take my word for it. Indeed why should Economics not be exciting - isn't money exciting - especially if you can work out how you are being ripped off. Its only the rich who try to convince you that you can't understand it because its too technical: according to them you are poor because you are stupid.

cheers, Bob


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