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Monday, December 04, 2006

Blair's Legacy - megawaste and megadeaths

So, the nauseating poodle (sorry but I am not feeling charitable to him or his apologists today) has published his government's White Paper on Trident replacement. £20-£40 Billion of British people's tax money is to be wasted propping up US Full Spectrum Dominance with a replacement for the so-called 'independent' nuclear deterrent. Blair has been about as 'independent' of US foreign policy as a boil on Dubya's buttocks is independent of his bottom.....the so-called 'independent' deterrent is a similar joke. In what possible circumstances can we see Britain needing an independent deterrent where the US would not have nuked the offender to ash before the PM of the day had raised his head from his red box? Who exactly is Trident supposed to deter? Some mythical enemy of Britain that is a friend of the USA?

It beggars belief that Blair follows his limpet-like foreign and 'defence' policy in good faith. Is he naive, stupid or just the pompous, stuck-up, priggish public school boy he appears? Or does the US military-industrial complex have a hold on him in some other way? Perhaps the Police should ask him that along with his long awaited questioning on dodgy loans and cash for peerages!

It is bad enough that we have this vassal-like status to the US Imperium, Blair does not even have the nerve to take advantage of it by saving some money - he could just say, "Well, George, we have stood by you through thick and thin, and I'm sure Gordon or even David will do likewise - they're both one of us really - but you can hold the nuclear umbrella for us while we concentrate on giving our troops some decent kit (Y'know, that the poor bloody infantry don't have to buy for themselves) and making sure our education and health systems do not totally collapse so that they can still supply grunts and armaments manufacturing workers. Because we really can't afford £40 Billion....did I say 40? this line secure? Sorry, 15-20. So what do you say George? Are you wearing that sweater I bought you?"

But no, Tony wants to secure "his legacy" - which basically means cementing in place neo-liberal economic policies, tying British troops to open ended involvement in the wars of the US Imperium, committing to new nuclear power and nuclear weapons and handing over as poisoned a chalice to Gordon Brown or David Cameron as possible.
And we thought we would never get to dislike a British Prime Minister as much as we disliked Margaret Thatcher........

Comment here from the Green Party and Caroline Lucas on the Trident White Paper announcement, and coverage from CND here. CND also have a useful question and answer PDF here.

The chances are, that if we had a really independent foreign and defence policy - i.e independent of the USA, then Britain would not be a target for most of the exaggerated threats that it faces, even at the moment, let alone those in Blair's fantasy future. But that is the problem with the Blairites, for all their high flown rhetoric - no vision - just more of the same. And no guts - not the 'guts' to send off working class lads and lasses to get blown up for your cosseted, protected folly and poodling, but the guts it takes to stand up to the 'Superpower' like we see in Latin America.

Anyhow, one bit of slightly better news today is the local paper in Brighton quoting a study that predicts a Green Parliamentary victory in the Brighton Pavilion seat.

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