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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Green MEP Calls For Protection Of Public Services At Petition Launch

Green MEP Jean Lambert has called on the European Commission to
take action to protect and strengthen public services that are vital to
the wellbeing of all European Citizens.

Speaking at the conference launching European Federation of Public
Services Unions (EPSU) campaign backing the European Trade Unions
Confederation (ETUC) Europe wide petition on the subject, Jean urged all
those that care about public services to sign up.

Jean Lambert, who is Green MEP for London and has continued to campaign
for the protection of public services, today said; “A wide variety of
public services are relied upon by thousands of people across Europe and
we simply can’t sit back and see these being undermined. We all have to
act now to ensure everyone has access to good health care, schools and
quality public services now and in the future.

“It is essential that the public interest is seen as more important than
open markets and by reaching the target of one million signatures on the
petition, the European Commission will see there is a public demand for

The petition can be signed at

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