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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blogs on Sunday

First up in the broadly speaking greenie-lefty blogosphere, Dave Osler of Dave's Part has announced that he has rejoined the Labour Party. Interestingly, this seems more based on pessimism and despair than optimism -

That is, of course, a limited horizon. But then, these are times when limited horizons surely trump strategic dead ends.

Dave rightly analyses the Respect project as a dead end, writes off the SSP (perhaps prematurely) and sees the Socialist Party and other organisations' "regroupment" projects as likely dead ends. He does not really consider the Green option, which is a shame, particularly when he describes his current political position which sounds remarkably similar to that of a majority of Green Left supporters in the Green Party.

Jim Jay has pointed out that unlike in the Green Party, where we have relative freedom to speak, the Labour Party is quite keen on disciplining and expelling those "unable to keep quiet" and Dave will find himself having to give money, tacit support and political energy to the unsavoury elements that are responsible for the debacle of war, privatisations and authoritarianism of the last 9 years. Good luck to Dave and all those soldiering on in good faith in the Labour Party, and hopefully the man may have a small effect on changing the Party rather than the all too common and likely opposite scenario.

Speaking of Jim, he reflects on the green left perspective on his blog today.

I was happy to be added to the blogroll of Renegade Eye, and have returned the complement.

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