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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mobilise for 4th November Climate Actions!

Preparations for a massive wave of international protest are in their final stages for November 4th. May I add the modest voice of Greenman's Occasional Organ to the calls for mobilisation. It is now clear how urgent the need for action is - the UN reports I blogged on yesterday show this, the much debated Stern report shows this, the forthcoming Nairobi conference shows this. Latest updates on Climate Change research can be found at the website of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.

What is needed is a huge public increase in the pressure being applied to current and future decision makers - it is important people are kept informed on what they can do and what the arguments are. The Prophets of Hope Website seems a good resource on this for UK readers. They have a page of links relating to actions people can take.

Protests, actions and demonstrations are taking place around the world over the next two weekends. Information on action, and links to concerned organisations in your part of the world can be found on the Global Climate Campaign website.

For the London demonstration Green Party branches, networks and friends are meeting in Grosvenor Square (probably on the South side, just look for the Green Banners, flags and placards) from 11am onwards on Saturday to attend the rally and then join the march to join the I-Count event in Trafalgar Square. Come and join us!

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