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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Indymedia Journalist and Four Others Killed in Mexico

The news has broken that on Friday pro-government paramilitaries in the rebel Oaxaca area of Mexico shot dead the New York Indymedia Journalist William Bradley Roland, known as Brad Will. Reports here and here.
Here is the main page of US Indymedia, and here is Brad's last report. Here is the Indymedia report with relevant links.

Mexico is currently a major battlefield in the war between US military-industrial complex backed gangster neo-liberalism and working class, socialist and democratic currents. Indymedia journalists bravely report the struggles from the front lines of popular struggles, struggles that the mainstream media are not interested in reporting, or simply report from a pro-government/pro-capitalist perspective. Brad is said to have died with his camera in hand.

Let the forces of reaction and imperialism know, that for every bullet fired in our direction the forces of progress, democracy and equality will redouble their efforts to make sure the truth is told and tyranny defeated.
No Pasaran!

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At 7:48 pm, Blogger mariamaria said...

No pasaran!! verdad!


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