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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More Stern Commentary

There has been more commentary on the Stern report in blogs and mainstream media throughout the day. Caroline Lucas sounds a note of caution and asks very good questions on her Guardian hosted blog here.
Also on Comment is Free, George Monbiot sketches out what he thinks are the sort of measures that could be taken that would be more equitable and effective than the proposals from Stern and the main parties.
Various British left groups and blogs are making their own comments, including members of what British leftists know affectionately as the Small Party of Good Boys, who post on the Socialism or Your Money Back blog.

It is of course Halloween, that commercialised, secularised version of the Christian All Hallows Eve, that is itself a Christianisation of the pagan Samhain. A night where children light up lanterns carved from Pumpkins or swedes to ward off evil spirits and the barrier between this world and the next allegedly thins to a veil......Bwahaha... But neither the scariness of the season, nor of the house of horrors that is a radio chat programme involving some of England's most acerbic bloggers have put off Green Party Principal speaker Sian Berry from facing up to a challenge! She was due to appear on the Resonance 104.4FM show "The Knives Are Out" tonight promoted by heavyweight Brit bloggers Guido Fawkes and Recess Monkey.



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