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Monday, October 30, 2006

Green is the colour....

...of British politics this week, apparently.
The much trailed Stern report - links and commentary on Calvin Jones' useful blog here - is having a definite effect. It seems a certain crucial tipping point has been reached in political attitudes, to the point where we even have Dave Cameron on TV saying that environmental tax measures must not be regressive, but socially just! (We await the hard policy David!)
Much talk around fellow bloggers. Derek Wall responds that 'Stern is not enough', whilst Jim Jay is taking a straw poll on whether he should boycott flying.
The GPEW (Green Party of England and Wales) issued an official press release with Caroline Lucas' comments on the possible Climate Change Bill to be announced in the next Queen's Speech, here.
Finally, interesting commentary from Dave Osler (whose manifesto I blogged on yesterday) on Stern and the prospects for green-left unity.



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