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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Climate Change Events at the LSE

Even a mainstream media sceptic like myself was a little impressed by the campaigning front page of the Independent on Climate Change today.
Elsewhere the Guardian leader was on the political "bidding" war on environmental issues that I alluded to yesterday.

Preparations for the forthcoming international meeting on climate change and attendant demonstrations continue apace. News today of an exciting range of events organised by the Students Union at the LSE in London in the lead up to the big day of actions on 4th November:

MONDAY OCTOBER 30th, 6.30pm, D302

Does Capitalism Equal Climate Change?

SPEAKER: Dr. Derek Wall, Visiting Lecturer in Political Economy at Goldsmiths College and author of Babylon and Beyond

TUESDAY OCTOBER 31st, 6pm, D202

Minor Distraction or Massive Challenge - How Does Modern Politics Deal with Climate Change?

SPEAKERS: Michael Meacher MP, Labour Party MP and former Environment Minister

Jean Lambert MEP, Green Party MEP


DVD and Talk: The Power of Community - How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

SPEAKERS: Sian Berry, Green Party Female Principal Speaker
Shane Collins, Green Party Drugs Policy Spokesperson


Climate Change - An End to Development? The Wealth of Nations and the Health of the Planet

SPEAKER: Andrew Simms, Policy Director and Head of the Climate Change Programme at the New Economics Foundation (nef), and author of Ecological Debt


Climate Change: Reasons for Concern and Options for Action

SPEAKER: Dr. Simon Dietz, LSE Academic, Geography and Environment Department

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 2nd, 7pm onwards, The Quad

Climate Change Film Showing and Social!

FILM: The Great Warming, narrated by Keanu Reeves and Alanis Morisette

FOLLOWED BY: Drinks, Food and Entertainment from the Live Music Society!

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 3rd, 2pm, E168

Reducing Global Emissions Equitably: the Contraction and Convergence Model

SPEAKER: Aubrey Meyer, Director of the Global Commons Institute (GCI) and Pioneer of the Contraction and Convergence Model

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 4th - People and Planet Climate Carnival and 'I Count Gathering' in Trafalgar Square - MEET outside the Old Building at LSE at 10am before going along to the biggest environmental demonstration in British history!



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