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Saturday, October 28, 2006

March and Lobby for the NHS

The National Pensioners Convention is holding a march to join the mass lobby of Parliament for the NHS on Wednesday 1st November in London, supported by the Keep Our NHS Public campaign and the TUC. This will follow the successful and widely reported lobby on Pensions that took place earlier this week. The action takes place from 11am and all are welcome to attend and support.

I have added some more blog links to my sidebar - to the Uncapitalist Journal blog and to Justin Delacour's interesting Latin American News Review blog.

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At 4:52 pm, Anonymous Richard Solomon said...

Pensioners should ask the MPs if they have signed the 'acid test' petition of support for NHS staff and the patients that they serve. 51 MPs have signed the petition ourganised by that asks that ‘elected representatives of all UK political parties voluntarily refrain from self-paid or insurance-paid medical care treatment'. 59 MPs have refused to sign and the rest have not commented. There can be no greater message of support to those delivering our healthcare and the patients that they serve than for policymakers to always use the NHS themselves. To see which MPs have signed the petition visit There you can also add your name to the lobby. Richard Solomon,

At 3:47 pm, Blogger greenman said...

Thanks for that Richard.


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