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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Links

Ecosocialist blogger Derek Wall added the second installment of his history of the Green Party of England and Wales to his blog today. He also has had something to say about George Monbiot's new book, Heat. I have added Monbiot'’s site to my links.

Keen observers of this blog will note that the side bar links are now significantly enlarged and rorganizeded in an attempt to make the page more useful and user friendly. The Monbiot link comes in the new section headed “Writers, Thinkers ...and Comedians”, along with new entries for Michael Lowy, Ken Coates, Karl Marx, Rosa Luxemburg, Peter Kropotkin, Mark Thomas and Rob Newman -– an eclectic and select group! Another section “Greenman on..... links to my previous posts on various topics.

I have added links to the interesting, well established British left blogs Little Red Blogger, Stroppyblog, Dave's Part, Chicken Yoghurt, International Rooksbyism and Disillusioned Kid.

A new list entitled Documents lists some links to important documents, manifestos and programmes from a green left viewpoint.

The new section, Ideas gives links to mainly Wikipedia based articles on ideas that might be interesting to readers of the site, and also perhaps acts as something of a glossary for concepts that might be unfamiliar.

Links regarding Authors I find interesting or stimulating have been separated out, as have (British)Mainstream News Sources and Campaigns, to which I have added Make My Vote Count.

There is a new Unions and Workplace Organizing section with new links to the British RMT transport Union which has broken from the Labour Party, the Swedish Syndicalist SAC union, and the British Miner's Advice website.

A Resources section has been created and finally a not too exhaustive list of links to relatively interesting Brit Lefty Political Groups And Blogs.

Hopefully I will get round to making the lists alphabetical, and also be able to add further links in future.



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