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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Spin, Lies and Videotape?

What is it with British politicians and videos these days?

First we have, in the blue corner, Mr Cameron and his rather cringe making attempt at directing himself in the less-than-blockbuster "Dave Cameron - Ordinary Bloke" (as reported by the BBC).

Then we have in the red corner, the fly on the wall surveillance video shot by Shagger Sheridan's former Best Man (You couldn't make it up, could you? Though that is what various parties allege has been going on in claim and counter claim!)allegedly revealing the great man condemning himself with his own words. (as reported here by Andy Newman on the Socialist Unity Blog)

Finally, we now have the achingly poor, unfunny and rather embarrassing attempt by turncoat one-time Blairite Sion Simon (i.e the-not-so-red corner)to satirise Cameron's feeble efforts on YouTube. (As gleefully reported, again on the BBC, here)

And they say British politics is dull and boring these days......



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