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Friday, October 13, 2006

Faslane 365

I have added various links to the sidebar, including the Green Party in Wales, the Scottish Green Party, Synthesis/Regeneration online green magazine, the US Green Alliance, Stuart Jeffrey’s Green NHS blog, Legume Sam’s West Coast green blog, Eugene Plawiuk’s Spanish Civil War and Revolution website, and CND (UK).

CND are promoting the Big Trident Debate website where you can go to sign up to pressure the government into allowing a full debate on the replacement of Britain’s costly not-so-independent “deterrent” Weapons of Mass Destruction. There is also a poll on there for you to vote for or against it, and a politician mailing page.

Here is the statement on the Big Debate Page –

Trident is Britain's nuclear weapons system. It was brought into service during the 1990s, and is expected to reach the end of its service life in the 2020s. A replacement for the system is likely to take around 14 years to develop, and the government has said that it will take a decision on this matter before the end of this year.
Last year, the government promised that there would be a full and open debate on the future of Britain's nuclear weapons. Since then, there has been considerable demand from all points of view for a genuine public and parliamentary debate but the government has done nothing to ensure that this happens.
This Big Trident Debate website has been established, with widespread support, with the single aim of pressing the government to facilitate that debate, and to provide a public space for debate of the issues. It is not confined to any one point of view and we urge participation from all perspectives.

Meanwhile the ambitious Faslane 365 protest has got underway at the home base of the current Trident missiles.
Here is how the BBC reported the start of the marathon protest actions.

The aim is to have a protest with various affinity groups from different areas and political backgrounds booking actions throughout a whole year to keep up the pressure and keep the Trident and Trident replacement issues in the news. Contingents from Sheffield and North Derbyshire, veterans of Greenham Common and Women in Black, Assynt, the South West, Cyclists and Edinburgh have already got the protest underway and the Green Parties of England, Wales and Scotland are due on the 15th October. Good luck to all those taking part!

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