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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lest we forget - Spain 1936

This year sees the 70th anniversary of the Civil War and Revolution in Spain - a pivotal event in Twentieth Century History and a crucial period for anyone looking at the different alternatives open to people on the left when faced with crises and conflicts. The weeks of October 1936 were crucial for a number of reasons for the Republican side. It was in these weeks that the seeds were arguably sown for the crushing of the social revolution in Republican controlled areas, and for the gradually increasing influence of Stalin and his agents.

10th October 1936

The Republican Government announced the creation of the Popular Army. This was to incorporate both the Army units that had remained loyal to the Government and the Party Militias.

12th October 1936

The first Russian aid for the Republic arrived.

The Republican submarine B5 was sunk by Nationalist aircraft off the coast near Malaga.

15th October 1936

The Popular Army established a system of Commissars (Political officers) for each unit.

25th October 1936

A large part of Spain's Gold Reserve (which remained in Republican controlled Spain after the Rising) was transferred to Russia. This was to pay for Russian "aid".

This site, created by Eugene Plawiuk, is an interesting treasure house of articles and information on the conflict. There is also an interesting selection of links on Plawiuk's blog.

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