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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Is there a British Left left?

Interesting article, along with interesting comments on Dave Osler's blog today. He asks what has happened to the left in Britain, and is answered by quite a few people saying "talk about your own bit of Britain, the left is quite healthy in our bit!" The site was flagged up on the Guardian's Comment is Free Homepage as being one of today's "hottest" Brit blogs. Dave's blog has some of those fun polls in the side column, including one for voting for the best (of an admittedly limited list) of Brit lefty blogs. Greenman put his cross by our friends at the Socialist Unity Blog, striking a blow against the Eustonites and Swappies also represented on Dave's list! ;)
Comment is Free itself had the latest interesting essay by George Monbiot, today on the looming global water crisis.

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