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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Climate Change - Keep Up The Pressure!

Two quite interesting stories with an environmental content in the British media today.

Firstly the long running saga of the proposed de-commissioning and "recycling" of rusting warships in the North East has developed as reported here

Secondly, the BBC's political correspondent got himself a scoop with government sources telling him that they were going to announce a Climate Change Bill in the Queen's Speech next month. The shape of the Bill, how much it is neutered and amended and its actual effect on emissions remains to be seen - so it is vital that pressure be kept up, in particular by building for the Climate Change Action demonstrations and events planned for 4th November. This is a global issue, and events are taking place around the world on that day. Details of the London march and events, and transport details, can be found on the Campaign Against Climate Change website.



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