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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Latest Links Added

I have been merrily adding Greenman's Occasional Organ to various blog directories to try and ensure I am not talking to myself. I am either having various degrees of success, or the various directories are rather slow at updating their lists!

I have added a few more interesting links to my sidebar - the interesting blog of Paul Stott (love the McGoohan Prisoner quote title!), the very useful Democratic Left Infoasis with its multitudinous links, and UK Poli Blogs, part of the ubiquitous web presence of Voidstar, AKA Julian Bond, who seems to be a fellow Robert Anton Wilson fan.

Various environmental stories in the British news today including Cameron responding to the media hype of Blair's forthcoming Climate Change Bill announcements and arguments over nuclear waste in Scotland. Much of the media has also covered the story of the Lib Dem Council intending to use rises in domestic parking permit fees to target "gas guzzling" vehicles.

Yes, in Britain we're all "green" now....

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At 10:05 am, Blogger Julian said...

Ubiquitous! I like it.


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