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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weekend Protests

At the risk of sounding like I am indulging in SWP-type hyperbole, I must report that the Defend the NHS march and rally in Nottingham were brilliant! A couple of thousand NHS workers, trade unionists, political activists and ordinary people marched through Nottingham to a rally at the Albert Hall. The march was very friendly and good natured with colourful banners, placards and flags. The response from the public was great, with car and bus horns honked in support all along the route and people clapping and waving from buildings and walkways. Two sets of excellent photos from the skilfull camera use of Nottingham photographer "Tash" are here and here. It was good to see some of the NHS Logistics staff from Normanton and Alfreton on the march - their next day of industrial action co-incides with the health debate at the Labour conference in a few days.

Meanwhile there was another big anti-war march in Manchester to impress on Labour the continuing strong feelings on this issue. An interesting range of home-made placards in the photos from Indymedia here.

Finally, a Baptist minister today led a runway invasion at East Midlands Airport over the climate change threat from airport expansion and the unchecked growth of the aviation industry. Indymedia report with link to BBC report here.



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