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Friday, September 08, 2006

The not-so-stealth privatisation of the NHS

The blatant carve up and privatisation of the National Health Service in Britain continues apace. This week the privateers DHL got their fingers in the till. The Green Party health spokesperson comments here. This shows up the need for a united national campaign for a publicly funded and publicly accountable modern health service and shows the need for support for the demonstrations in Birmingham tomorrow and Nottingham later in the month. The Labour leadership fuss and our dislike of the neo-liberal Bush poodle Blair should not blind us to the fact that Gordon Brown is one of the chief architects of privatisation mania in Britain. McDonnell may put up an honourable resistance to all this, but does anyone really expect him to be the next labour leader? And we cannot expect any better from Cameron and his tories. So the need is there to build up a counter power of trade unionists, communities and service users to confront the neo-liberal agenda for health.



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