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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Support Remploy Workers!

A national demonstration was planned today in Liverpool in support of Remploy workers fighting closure proposals that could lead to the loss of up to 5000 jobs. The closure plans came about when the government asked the company to do a review. Ministers were unhappy with the answer that Remploy came back with and asked that management and unions get together to draw up a plan to save Remploy factories. Remploy was originally set up to employ disabled ex-servicemen and is now Britain's largest employer of disabled people. It is therefore highly ironic that these closure proposals should come about at a time when the government is attacking disabled people through the benefits system to force those unable to work into jobs, as I have previously reported on this blog. The unions (GMB, T&G, Amicus and Community) have come up with a plan to restructure Remploy and save the factories - pressure should now be put on the company to respond positively.
Whilst on the subject of industrial disputes, tomorrow sees the annual commemoration of the famous Burston School Strike where, all being well, there will be some Green Party/Green Left/Green Party Trade Union Group presence.

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