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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

NHS staff to strike over privatisation

The NHS logistics staff that are threatened by the privatisation that I have previously mentioned have voted to strike. They deserve our full support in their struggle against the piecemeal break up and privatisation of UK healthcare.

Meanwhile Blair got at least some of the reception he deserved at the TUC conference (mind you he really deserved not just boos and walkouts, but being booted out as a war criminal and enemy of the working class!)

Later the union leaderships got the chance to hear Gordon Brown saying he would not change course on privatisation either, so much for those so-called left wing leaderships that put their faith in him

There is a real opportunity now for a fightback against the whole new labour charade, which is no more than social democratic window dressing for the same old vicious neo-liberal products. The NHS campaign has the potential to be something really big and with massive public support. It is to be hoped that the growing forces of the Green Left, Green Party Trade Union Group and Green Party as a whole will be found in the thick of the struggle arguing for community and workplace solidarity and proper workers' and community ownership and control of public services.

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