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Friday, September 15, 2006

Defend The NHS Demo - Nottingham

For those in the Midlands not demonstrating against the war at the Labour Party Conference, there is a Demonstration in Nottingham on 23rd September - Indymedia Notice - to defend the NHS. There is already major concern over what is planned for hospitals and health services in the City. The demonstration is now even more relevant due to the NHS Logistics strike planned for next week - one of the major distribution centres is at Alfreton, not far to the North West of Nottingham. Nearby North Derbyshire is also relevant - it was here that the US health privateers were recently fought off by community resistance when they tried to take over the local GP practice.
As I have said before on the blog and on Indymedia, this is a crucial moment, a possible turning point where large numbers of ordinary people in Britain start to move into active opposition to the Blairite neo-liberal project. Everyone who opposes neoliberalism from the left should give maximium support and solidarity to the striking healthworkers and the campaign to defend the NHS.

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