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Monday, December 08, 2008

Weekly Links 08/12/2008

Lots happening at the moment, and very busy myself. Here are some quick links.

Climate protests

Lots of pictures of Saturday's Climate March on Indymedia UK here and also here.
Video of the Critical Mass bike ride on the day is linked here. Pictures of the Critical Mass ride here.

Today Plane Stupid have upped the ante with a new airport invasion, this time at Stansted - BBC Report. Here is the Plane Stupid Website and here is Stop Stansted Expansion website.

Riots in Greece
For Greek readers here is Indymedia Athens. Lots of reports and pictures on UK indymedia - the initial rioting in Athens after the death of the student at the hands of Police reported here. More pictures of the rioting here.

Workers' Struggles
Workers in Chicago show the way to act in a recession/depression situation - Occupy!
Meanwhile, Nottingham Trent Uni have backed down over their union derecognition plans.

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