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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekly Links 23/11/08

The 2008 Climate Change Campaign march in London is coming up in a couple of weeks, and the day after is the No Sweat Gathering in London for those wishing to make a weekend of it.

No Sweat Gathering - Sun Dec 7
As well as Mark Thomas reading from and signing copies of his new book about Coca Cola, Belching Out The Devil, hear Garment Worker Activists From Bangladesh tell their story; Colombia Solidarity Campaign on the most dangerous country in the world to be a trade unionist and loads more...

Sunday December 7 at Queen Mary & Westfield College, Uni of London.
Crash accommodation for Sat night can be arranged for anyone coming to the benefit and / or the climate march. Glossy fliers available on request. More info and downloadable flier (agenda to follow) at:
Tickets at: (£6 full price) (£4 concs)

British Republicanism
Republicanism continues to get more column space in the British press and to be taken more seriously than for a long time. After various articles in the Guardian, including some by members of the broad campaign group Republic, this Thursday Johann Hari had an article in the Independent that has provoked a similar level of response, pro and anti as greeted the Republican articles in the Guardian. the message is getting across that modern British Republicanism is not just about being against the monarchy, but is part of the broad movement for democratic change at all levels.
Meanwhile, socialist republicans from all parts of these islands are meeting in Scotland at a Convention organised by the Scottish Socialist Party. More information here.

Saturday November 30th this year sees the 85th anniversary of the death of the great Scottish socialist and republican; John McLean. It is therefore fitting that the SSP choose that day to organise a major conference on Republicanism in Britain.
The struggle for the establishment of an independent Socialist Republic is at the heart of the SSP’s programme for Scotland, but what will this new Republic look like and what are the implications for the rest of the Left in Britain?

International Left
An interesting article by David Graeber, US anarchist and anthropologist, here on the prospects for a global radical opposition in light of the current economic crisis of capitalism.

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