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Thursday, November 27, 2008

ID Card Launch Greeted By Protests

The launch of the national ID card this week - an attempt at a "stealthy" phased launch by first issuing to Non-EU students and spouses - has been greeted by protests around the country. This is another small step on the road to the "total surveillance" national security state in Britain. Some links below:

There was a protest outside the UK Border Offices in Cardiff, protesters from Manchester joined others from Liverpool outside Reliance House on Merseyside. (More pictures here) In the West Midlands there was a protest in Solihull. Anarchist activists joined a protest in the North East. In the South East there was a demo at the UK Border Agency in Croydon.

One encouraging sign is the move of the Airline Pilots for strike action should ID cards be imposed on airport workers and pilots.

NO2ID continue their campaigning against the expensive, unnecessary, authoritarian ID card project with actions and initiatives including their pledge campaign.

A list of the problems with, and objections to, the ID card and database project can be found here.

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