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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekly Links - 14/10/2007

On Saturday UK Greens were involved in a protest against threats to the old growth forests of Tasmania in solidarity with our friends in the Australian Green Party.

Dave's Part had an article on "Brownism" and whether there is such a thing (spot the comment from yours truly!)

Molly over at Gaian Economics offered her thoughts on the topical subject of Inheritance Tax. This topic also drew the attention of Louise at Stroppyblog.

I posted recently on the EU Reform Treaty/disguised constitution - there was also comment on this and the Margot Wallstrom approach to "debate" over at Irish blog The Cedar Lounge Revolution.

Returning to the 101 best left blogs from these islands I reported on a fortnight ago, at number 29 is Leftwing Criminologist who this week reported on repression at a University in Nigeria.

At number 40 is Michael Greenwell's blog. He helpfully links to articles he has written elsewhere including this one on the EU treaty mentioned above. Blog 44 in the top 100 is that run by brave anti-fascist student Duncan Money. He reports on the trouble brewing in Oxford over the Oxford Union inviting various fascists to speak.
Finally from the list this week a bit of culture - at number 48 "Through The Scary Door" has been talking about William Burroughs.

Many left blogs are speculating on what will be revealed about the proposed agreement in the postal dispute. We shall see. Watch this space for next weeks' exciting installment!

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