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Monday, October 01, 2007

On the leader debate and a piece from Gorz

I have just had my attention drawn to this article on the Green Leader debate from the Natural Choices website, which contains many good points and is a summary of some of the debate so far from the viewpoint of a non-Green Party environmentalist.

I blogged at the weekend about the death of Andre Gorz - here is an interesting viewpoint that he published as an Appendix to his Critique of Economic Reason: A summary for trade union and other left activists in 1989.

Here is a list of Gorz's main works:

# La morale de l'histoire (Seuil, 1959)
# Stratégie ouvrière et néocapitalisme (Seuil, 1964)
# Socialism and Revolution (first published in France in 1967 as Le socialisme difficile)
# Réforme et révolution (Seuil, 1969)
# Critique du capitalisme quotidien (Galilée, 1973)
# Critique de la division du travail (Seuil, 1973. Collective work)
# Ecology As Politics (South End Press, 1979 - Galilée, 1975)
# Écologie et liberté (Galilée, 1977)
# Fondements pour une morale (Galilée, 1977)
# The Traitor (1980, first published in 1957 by Le Seuil)
# Farewell to the Working Class (1980 - Galilée and Le Seuil, 1983, Adieux au Prolétariat)
# Paths to Paradise (1985 - Galilée, 1983)
# Critique of Economic Reason (1989)
# Capitalism, Socialism, Ecology (1994 - Galilée, 1991)
# Misères du présent, richesse du possible (Galilée, 1997)
# Reclaiming Work: Beyond the Wage-Based Society (1999)
# L'immatériel - Connaissance, valeur et capital (Galilée, 2003, in French)
# Lettre à D. Histoire d'un amour (Galilée, 2006 )

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