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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Elections! (Green Party internal ones, that is)

Congratulations to all the winning candidates in the first wave of Green Party of England and Wales Executive (GPEX)election results, particularly to my Green Left and Green Empowerment supporting colleagues Joseph Healy and Jonathan Essex who took the International Coordinator and Campaigns Coordinator posts respectively.
Congratulations also to my fellow blogger Peter Sanderson who is the new Publicity Coordinator. Peter and I have our political differences, but I am sure he will do a very good job for the party in this post. Commiserations to my Green Party Trade Union Group colleague (and another blogger) Pete Murry whom Peter Sanderson beat to the post.
Other elected posts results including Male and Female Principal Speakers to follow.

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At 8:32 pm, Blogger Peter said...

thanks, greenman. I'm sure we must have met at some point, but I can't recognise you from your pseudonym :)


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