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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blogs on Sunday 30/09/07

This week a look around some of the "Top 101" left blogs from these islands recently listed by Andy on the Socialist Unity Blog.

Before we start, a plug for the Socialist Unity blog's own piece yesterday which reprinted and commented on the possibly highly significant Morning Star article by Campaign Group Labour Leftist John McDonnell. These are interesting times indeed for the left in Britain, with the coded comments coming from McDonnell in Labour, Griffiths of the CPB and elements still within Respect. With the debate around the structure, orientation and direction of the Green Party, the fluid situation in Scotland and the changed situation in Wales with the Labour-Plaid accommodation this adds up to a picture where great changes could be imminent. The sparks may be the Brown ascendancy in Labour and his final closing down of conference democracy, the rise in class struggle in the public sector in particular and the rising urgency and mobilisation around climate change issues - what will emerge from all this remains to be seen.

Returning to the 101 blogs, the top two places are occupied by excellent Irish blogs. The blogger 'World By Storm' comments on the Cedar Lounge Revolution blog about it being at number one.
The rather beautifully laid out "Splintered Sunrise" blog is at number two and has recently featured a post on the Jeremy Kyle Show court case that has been titillating the tabloids.

Further down the listing at 5, Liam Mac Uaid is a good source internal on Respect and ISG developments - here is his latest blog entry on Respect.

At 6, Rebellion Sucks by blogger "Charlie Marks" is a new one on me - but looks interesting and has loads of attractive links.

At 10, on his Random Pottins blog, Charlie Pottins has recently posted on the developments in Egypt which should have had more coverage.

I will definitely take another look at some of the blogs that are new to me - some might even get added to my blog roll. Thanks again to Andy for providing the list.

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At 12:10 am, Blogger Charlie Marks said...

Now one of those attractive links on my blog is to your site, which I have only just stumbled across. By the way, I only got to number six in that list because Andy takes pity on me.

At 10:30 pm, Blogger greenman said...

I like blogs with a sense of humour - consider yourself well and truly added to my blogroll!
Impressive set of links btw, surprised it loads so quickly with all those icons!


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