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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Remploy - A Victory For The Workers?

I am always hesitant to claim a victory when we are called upon to trust the word of a New Labour Minister, but it does seem like the united action of the Remploy workers and their supporters have forced the government to pull the plug on the Remploy management and grant the union demands that will hopefully secure the workers' jobs for the time being. If it turns out that this is not all another New Labour con-trick and Hain's pledges are carried through, then it is a real victory for the workers at Remploy who have fought a good tactical battle designed to cause maximum discomfort to Brown and New Labour at the new leader's honeymoon conference.
However, the workers will have to maintain utmost vigilance and be ready for any signs of revenge actions, or renewed attacks by either the humiliated Labour hierarchy or the Remploy management.
Likewise, the union rank and file and organisers at Remploy should not put too much faith in the leaderships of the big Labour affiliated unions, having just witnessed them surrender one of their last internal opportunities to (albeit ineffectually) challenge the worst examples of New Labour neo-liberalism.

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