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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Blogs on Sunday 01/07/07

Earlier this week the focus in British political blogs was very much on the new Labour leader and his first Cabinet. Jim at Daily (Maybe) suggested that we should not underestimate the political savvy of Brown and co.

The Quiet Road reflected on the comments of the outgoing Labour administration bigwig Lord Goldsmith.

Paul Kingsnorth took a look at the balance sheet of the Blair administration in his piece Goodbye Mr Tony.

Dave's Part had a piece on Brown's appointment of Sir Digby Jones (Jones has always struck me a cross between Ricky Gervais' David Brent character and rent-a-gob Jeremy Clarkson). Dave then posted a discussion piece on socialist ideas in the post-Thatcherite era.

Of course, events since midweek appear to have put the new Brown administration to a test, but perhaps not such a severe one as the fear-mongering media would suggest, as noted by Chicken Yoghurt.

Stuart Jeffery meanwhile, had a piece posted yesterday on the effect of Peak Oil scenarios on healthcare.

Finally this week, a big thank you to Tim at Green Left Infoasis for supporting the Simone Gordon campaign I blogged on yesterday.

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