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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Blogs on Sunday 24/06/07

A big welcome to the blogosphere to Pete Murry and friends and their new Green Left aligned blog greenleftwindfarm
which they started earlier this month. Of particular note is the
posting of Sean Thompson's excellent discussion paper Towards
The Development Of A New New Left
which was delivered at
this year's Green Left AGM in London.

I will be publishing my own analysis of the current situation on Greenman's Occasional Organ in the near future. I have added greenleftwindfarm to my blog links. Other additions today are the links to the useful Marxists Internet Archive sections on the great socialists and sometime Wobblies James Connolly and Eugene V. Debs. The Socialist Unity blog report that this valuable resource has been under cyber-attack.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere this weekend Daves Part has a piece on the CIA and the US left.

The Climate and Capitalism blog has a Joel Kovel piece on the latest IPCC report.

Ken MacLeod, meanwhile, speculates on the departing British Labour leader's real religious affiliation.

Green health spokesperson Stuart Jeffery reflects on another downside of the continuing centralisation of services and closures of local facilities in the NHS.

Finally over at the Carnival of Anarchy (!)Eugene Plawiuk who blogs in his own right at Le Revue Gauche has an Appreciation of Murray Bookchin, the main theorist of Social Ecology.

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