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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mobilise Against Planning Proposals

A coalition of groups including Friends of the Earth are due to mobilise in England and Wales up to a day of action on 14th July to oppose the government's planning proposals put forward in the recent white paper. Friends of The Earth's information and action guide are here.

As I posted back in May these planning proposals are all about driving through the pro-nuclear, pro-incinerator, pro-big business agenda of the new labour government. Friends of the Earth have a good "translation" of government rhetoric on this topic:

The government says: Let's make planning better, but it means: Let's make planning better for big business

"We want to deliver on climate change" means - We want to build new nuclear power stations

"A new specialist body will decide on Major Infrastructure Projects (MIPs)" means - An unelected unaccountable body will enforce Westminster policy.

"We believe in town centre first" means - Councils will lose vital controls over out-of-town supermarkets.

"There will be meaningful public engagement" means - You will lose your right to debate vital issues in public enquiries.

"Developers should compensate objectors" means - Developers can bribe people who may object

"We need to prioritise economic growth" means - Sustainable development is not as important as profit

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