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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Won't Get Fooled Again?

Here comes the new boss.........
......Same as the old boss?

An interesting attack (from a greenish social-democratic left angle) on the disastrous policies of New Labour and where they are leading can be found in the new book by Larry Elliott and Dan Atkinson - Fantasy Island.

From the Guardian review -

For Elliott and Atkinson, there is a vast contrast between the popular perception of a successful British economy and the reality of a country still recording record trade deficits, with a government that deludes itself that it is somehow a world leader in research, development and the 'knowledge-based' industries of the future. (They cite a battery of statistics to prove otherwise.)

On Fantasy Island, the army is ill-equipped, but Prime Minister and Chancellor think nothing of spending tens of billions to remain in the nuclear club. Employees in theory have protective legal rights, but the government boasts that entrepreneurs can enjoy 'flexible labour markets'.

This is an angry tract, written like a thriller. It captures the public mood of dissatisfaction. Gordon Brown should take note.



At 3:15 am, Blogger leftdog said...

In Canada, we know very little of Gordon Brown especially his record and position on green issues and Iraq.

(love your blog)!


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