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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Defend Council Housing Fringe and Conference

Defend Council Housing, the campaign fighting to defend and improve public housing in Britain, has a fringe meeting at the Unison Conference this week. This is on Monday lunchtime at The Belgrave Hotel, across King Street from the Conference Centre on Brighton seafront.

DCH also have a national conference planned for Thurday 12th July at the TUC. It is important that the pressure is kept up on Labour, whose incoming leadership have been making conciliatory noises about being in favour of the "Fourth Option" backed by DCH. DCH are now aiming for concrete proposals and a timetable if the warm words are to be more than honeymoon PR. They demand implementation of the Fourth Option to :

1. Improve all existing council homes and estates
2. Start a new council house building programme
3. Ensure sufficient funds to maintain all council homes in future years

Left Greens continue to support the demands of Defend Council Housing and demand that elected Greens take a principled stand on this, and other issues.

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