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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Elections coming

Readers of Brit political blogs not resident in Scotland, England or Wales may find that postings from party political types from these nations may be thin on the ground at the moment as we are in the period for nominations (until 4th April) for the forthcoming elections in May. Local politicos are running round getting their signatories and filling in forms to deliver to their local council officers before the deadline.
The elections are for local councils, and in Scotland and Wales the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly.
Greens are hoping for a good vote and will hopefully have a number of candidates unsurpassed since the surge of the early 1990s. The hope is to pass the symbolic 100 principal authority councillor mark.
There is an interesting discussion board, originally set up by a Tory, but now with participants from all the major currents and parties to be found at
Apologies if my postings are less frequent over the coming weeks in the run up to the elections.

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