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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Blogs on Sunday

Perhaps I have started a trend with these little Sunday jaunts around the Brit left blogosphere and beyond - this week Dave Osler links to some of his favourite left blogs of the minute, whilst Jim over at the Daily (Maybe) wittily links to things he is not blogging about today – I look forward to his blogging “live from Green Party Spring Conference” later this week.

Male Principal Speaker of the Green Party of England and Wales Derek Wall blogs on some of the "big oil" funding activities of the Royal Bank of Scotland, and also links to some news on Cameron and the Tories' views on workers' rights posted at the 'action without theory' blog.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Quiet Road blogger Jim who is not feeling very well.

Over at the big readership Lenin's Tomb blog there are two cracking posts this weekend, here and here.

Justin Delacour’s Latin American News Review blog this weekend links to info about a conference coming up in Canada in May on the Herman And Chomsky propaganda model.

Also from North America, an interesting post from last week on the infrequent blog of veteran U.S. campaigner Carl Davidson on Barack Obama, Antiwar Protestors, Tactics & SDS History. It seems Obama's anti-war credentials are being increasingly scrutinised and questioned.

Finally, before I sign off tonight, a link to the Hands Off The People of Iran website, a good initiative making clear the desirability of opposing both imperialist aggression and the theocratic regime.

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