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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Important Motions Passed At Green Party Spring Conference

A number of important motions, some potentially far reaching in their effects, were carried by the Green Party conference.

The hotly debated "leadership" motion was passed, meaning that there will be a full debate at the Autumn conference in Liverpool in September, followed by a full ballot of the membership in November on whether the Party want to replace principal speakers with a leader and deputy leader.

The motion proposed by fellow Green Left blogger Councillor Matt Sellwood to commit the Party to opposing new ALMOS (Arms Length Management Organistions) in housing and to defending housing stock retentions was carried. Well done Matt and everyone who worked for and voted for this motion! Whilst on the subject it is worth mentioning that the latest Defend Council Housing news bulletin has just come out, and includes on the final page 'Ten Questions For Council Election Candidates'.

Another significant motion that was carried was the emergency motion put forward by Green Party Trade Union Group (GPTU) members in defence of the NHS in the light of the recently announced pay awards for nurses and others in the NHS and ongoing difficulties around the country. The motion restated the Green Party's support for a publicly owned and controlled health service and ended with a call for support for the proposed summer National demonstration:

"We call for full support for a National demonstration against NHS cuts and privatisation and for the fullest possible publicisation of this position by the relevant sectors of the party."

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At 12:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning the NHS motion, there will now be a litle battle to get it publicised. Why do sections of the Green Party and some allegedly Green Bloggers seem to wish to pretend this motion hadn't happened.


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