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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Green Spring Conference Opens In Swansea

The Green Party of England and Wales Spring Conference has started in Swansea, with what was reportedly a storming speech from lead Green candidate in South Wales West for the Welsh Assembly, Rhodri Griffiths.
Said Rhodri -

"It's high time that we got to hear some strong Green voices in the Welsh Assembly. Just as the Labour Party took the initiative in South Wales in the early years of the 20th century, it is now time for the Green Party to take its place in the Assembly at Cardiff. We represent the new voice of radicalism and the new voice of global justice."

However as a left green, I might quibble with Rhodri's assertion that -

"Politics is no longer ............ a question of left versus right."

Themes at the conference include:

Localisation, with a panel including Dr Molly Scot Cato, our economics spokesperson and a senior lecturer in economics at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff

Education - including how education can influence how our young people will treat the environment.

Energy - looking at the future for renewable energy in Wales and beyond, including the Swansea Tidal Lagoon and the Severn Barrage.

Fellow Green Left blogger Jim promises to blog from conference, which I am unfortunately unable to attend this year. He offers his contribution on the planned debate and vote on leadership issues here. A view on the leadership issue (that is reasonably in tune with mine) is by Camden Green Sean Thompson, posted by Derek Wall on his Another Green World blog. The pro-leader model argument is put by Peter on his Earthquake Cove blog here.

Elsewhere today, the "blogging minister", Miliband, has come under attack for using his "government funded website" to spread Labour Party propaganda. Surely not....

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