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Monday, November 13, 2006

Useful Research Links

I have revamped the Resources and Research section of my sidebar to make it more useful in these well spun, PR'ed, spooked, contrarian-ridden times.
Lobby Watch is an excellent UK resource, with lots of stuff on the obnoxious corporatist-'libertarian' ex-Trots of the LM crowd, as well as a range of corporate PR groups, fronts and spin doctors.
Media Lens is a sometimes controversial site and group that scrutinise the mainstream media in Britain in a Chomskyian manner.

Source Watch is one of the useful projects of the US based Center for Media and Democracy, as is PR Watch
Their British version is Spinwatch which has a timely spin-off scrutinising the current corporate and government nuclear push - Nuclear Spin

Corporate Watch is a well known resource amongst UK activists, and there is also a US version - US Corporate Watch

State Watch looks at the encroachments of the prying, authoritarian state in Britain and Europe.

Public Citizen (US) is a long established guardian of the public interest against corporate power in the US.

My fellow Green Left supporter Larry O’Hara is a leading light in Notes From The Borderland which seeks to shine a light on the activities of various spooks, fascists and dubious characters who concern themselves with left, progressive and anti-establishment causes in Britain.


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