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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday links

Reading: Some pages of 'The Golden Bough', some pages of Finnegans Wake, Morning Star, BBC News and Guardian News and Comment is Free websites, Urban 75 politics boards, e-mails.
Listening: Moby.
Viewing: Saxondale, Lost.

The demo in London went well on Saturday, as reported on Derek Wall's blog
Ken McLeod reflects on the concept of 'civilised warfare' in an article in the Morning Star today, similar to observations on his blog last week. This was a much better article than the account of an interview with a very politically confused Nicky Wire of the Manic Street Preachers in the same edition.

The cost of a 10 year UK passport is due to rise by 29% from October due to the expansion of the national security state with the planned biometric/database/ID cards system. Nevertheless, implementation of that system is in trouble and opposition is growing according to NO2ID.

Meanwhile there has been further action on the proposed New Labour welfare 'reforms' that I have blogged on previously - a protest statement was delivered to Downing Street by a number of disabled organisations. The statement was supported by various groups and organisations including the Trade Union Disability Alliance and the British Council of Disabled People


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