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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Demonstrate against neo-liberal attacks on benefits!

Sheffield Welfare Action Network (SWAN) have been active on the Incapacity Benefit "reforms" and have organised a national march and rally against this latest neo-liberal attack on some of the most vulnerable people in society. This is well worth support from Green Left, GPTU, and progressives more generally, I understand Sheffield GP have been supportive (from the pictures of previous demos on Indymedia - pages linked below) - the SWAN site (also linked below) has a downloadable leaflet. These attacks are part of a concerted, Europe wide attack on the gains made by working people during the post-war reconstruction and Cold War. They are very much part of the neo-liberal plan to impose a new "discipline" on the working people of Europe so that they can be more easily used in the conflict with other rising capitalist power blocs, and so that the rate of exploitation and profit can be safeguarded in the interests of capital worldwide.

National People's March and Rally - June 17th
SWAN has called for a national demonstration to challenge the proposed incapacity benefit reforms on Sheffield 17th June, 2006. Assemble Devonshire Green at 12:00pm for 12.30pm march. Major Speakers, music and info.

SWAN says there should be no cuts in benefit, no compulsion or sanctions and no Work Focussed Interviews for those too sick to attend. We call on all decent and caring people to support the national peoples march and rally in Sheffield - and to help pressure for a fairer welfare system. Join the Event! Bring placards, union banners, music, your voice, your self!

Indymedia article on SWAN's campaigns and forthcoming national demo-
Indymedia Sheffield

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