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Saturday, July 15, 2006

A busy week

Reading: Some pages of 'Babylon and Beyond' by Derek Wall, Morning Star, local paper, Guardian and BBC news websites.
Listening: Stone Roses, Pink Floyd, Maroon 5.
Viewing: BBC News.

What a week! Violence erupts in Gaza, Israel and Lebanon, a challenge to the Brown/Blair axis emerges on the labour left a and the UK energy review comes out in favour of new nuclear power.
Greg Palast had an interesting article in the Morning Star where he stated that he believed that the US Iraq adventure was partly motivated by the desire to control and depress Iraqi oil production rather than to own and profit from it. In turn, Palast has been criticised this week for suggesting that 'Peak Oil' ideas are part of a campaign by the oil industry to ramp up prices.
Meanwhile there are signs in Scotland, that particularly in view of current difficulties in the SSP, the Green Party could be in the frame to hold the balance of power after the next elections.
The curse of living in interesting times!


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