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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Green MP on Queen's Speech

Green Party leader’s comment on the Queen’s Speech

“It’s a pack of half-hearted measures” says UK’s first Green MP

Caroline Lucas MP, the first Green MP in the UK parliament, commented this afternoon:
“It’s a pack of half-hearted measures. For example they talk about far-reaching political reforms, but all they’re offering is a referendum on AV, which would go nowhere near far enough."

“There are warm words on climate change and energy efficiency, but no real detail. We need to see genuine commitment to serious targets and to the investment needed to meet those targets."

“Even worse, the fact that this comes the day after we’ve heard of budget cuts to public transport suggests the joined-up thinking isn’t there."

“The Green Party welcomes the scrapping of ID cards, but we would also like to have seen action on the use of control orders.”

Today Channel 4 published the “Green Queen’s Speech” – an alternative Queen’s Speech prepared by Caroline Lucas MP to show what a Green government would prioritise.

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