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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pensioners and Unions Lobby Parliament

Yesterday saw a lobby of parliament by pensioners' organisations supported by unions :

More than 1,000 protesters of all ages were lobbying Parliament to urge MPs to pay single pensioners at least £151 a week.

They also want the state pension to be increased immediately in line with earnings or prices, depending on which is higher, and for it to be paid universally to all existing pensioners, rather than being based on National Insurance contributions as is currently the case.

The campaign was organised by the National Pensioners Convention and 15 trade unions to mark the centenary of the introduction of the state pension. The groups believe it is the first time that both working age and retired people have joined forces to call for a higher pension for both now and in the future.

More here and here.

Here is the National Pensioners Convention and here is their blog.

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