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Thursday, October 16, 2008

International Ecosocialist Conference Planned For February 2009 In Brazil

The following announcement has been circulated on the Ecosocialist International Network's E-list:

The Ecosocialist International Conference will take place in Belem, Brazil, on February 2 and 3, just after the end of the World Social Forum. Our Brazilian comrades (Brazilian Network of Ecosocialists) will kindly host our event. We hope that ecosocialists from around the world will come to participate in this first conference of the EIN, at which we will do important foundational work for our organisation.

Ecosocialist groups and parties from around the world are encouraged to send a delegation, and individuals are also encouraged to come and participate in the organisation and strengthening of our Network. Many of you were present at the first International Ecosocialist meeting in Paris one year ago, and we hope that you or other members of your groups will join us in Belem. The EIN will also be participating in the World Social Forum itself with several public meetings, during which we will present the organization and rally more support for Ecosocialism.

The proposed schedule of our Conference is as follows:
1. Self-presentaion of participants
2. Discussion of ecosocialist principles and vote on the acceptance of
the Second Ecosocialist Manifesto
3. Vote on the nomination of Hugo Blanco as honorary president of the EIN
4. Election of a coordinating body, and a webmaster.
5. Proposals for further activities, including the time and place of
the next EIN meeting, perhaps in Venezuela.

In solidarity,
Danielle (for the EIN coordinating committee)

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