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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Amnesty to Screen Film on Situation of Women In Yemen

I have just been informed of the following forthcoming meeting in London hosted by Amnesty International :

Screening of the film 'Amina'

Date: Tue 4 November 2008

Directed by Khadija Al-Salami
Presented by Amnesty International UK’s Womens’ Action Network. A donation to the work of the womens’ action network will be requested at this screening.

In ‘Amina’, Yemeni film maker Khadija Al-Salami enters Yemen's female prison system to find 24-year-old Amina, married at 11 and a mother of three, awaiting execution for killing her husband. The director's full access to Amina and her forthright account of her life exposes the harshness of womens' lives in Yemen.

The film is always powerful, moving and engrossing and tells a story all too common even in the 21st century of misogyny, injustice and the oppression of women, but manages to keep hope burning throughout. The documentary is also a powerful example of how film and cinema can not only document, but act as a force for change, as it highlighted Amina’s fight for justice around the world.

Followed by a discussion with Dina el-Mamoun, Amnesty International researcher and Dr Andrew Long, both experts on human rights in Yemen.

More info here

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