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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Paxman Says BBC Fawns Over Royals

The following is a press release from Republic, the campaign for an end to an unelected head of state in Britain.


Republic has welcomed remarks by Jeremy Paxman in which he said the BBC fawned over the royals.

Spokesperson Graham Smith told reports:

"We respect the BBC's usual standards of reporting, however we do have serious reservations about the manner in which the corporation reports on issues to do with the monarchy and the royal family."

"We are pleased a senior and respected journalist such as Mr Paxman has raised this issues. We will once again be writing to Director General Mark Thompson to seek changes to the way the BBC reports on the royals."

"We believe there is a clearly identifiable institutional bias, particularly within the BBC's national news output, toward presenting the Monarchy in a manner that is favourable to the institution and to members of the royal family."

"The BBC also plays a strong role in promoting royal events and occasions, which are in essence little more than PR exercises for the monarchy. In doing so the BBC implies that 'royal' events are synonymous with 'national' events, thus excluding those who oppose the monarchy."

"We welcome Paxman's remarks and hope that, as we approach Prince Charles' 60th birthday, the BBC will take note of the serious concerns held by a significant proportion of their audience about their royal reporting."

The story was reported in the Independent here and here on the BBC's own website.

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At 11:23 pm, Blogger Jim Jay said...

I saw the BBC one too - it was alright - maybe there is a difference between state broadcasters and private media after all


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